Thursday Doors in Ixelles

I did a short trip to Brussels to be briefed before my next mission. But I couldn’t resist an early morning walk before the meetings. Lots of lovely doors. This is my favourite, the Hotel Solvay, a beautiful Art Deco building designed by Victor Horta.


Ixelles is a quiet, beautiful district in Brussels, not crowded with tourists like the Grand Place. There are tranquil parks, such as the Bois de la Cambre, isolated from the hustle and bustle.

I could not get over how deserted it seemed. Away from the main boulevards, there were lots of side streets, with plenty of doors. I was not the only door photographer – people place “To Rent” (A Louer) signs in the fanlights of houses which have been split into apartments, so people looking for a flat will snap a photo on their phone.


It is really easy to get around by public transport in Brussels. You just need to follow the map…




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