Shops at the Roadside 1

Driving along Kirinyagi County’s dirt roads is a colourful experience. The first photograph shows the first-floor decoration of a pub, advertising Tusker Beer. Below it, there is a butcher’s shop and a restaurant providing choma, or barbecued meat. The white box with a red stripe is used to transport meat. For sale in the small market, there is maize, cabbages and carrots.

duka is the Kiswahili word for shop. This one is dedicated to the memory of Amos Ndata. I am sure he would have appreciated the pink, brown and duck-egg blue colour scheme.


Mopers hard WARE has three children moping about outside. It had been raining in the night, so it was not surprising to see two of the boys wearing wellington boots.

At the Stage Butchery next door, some adults are also moping about. The girls in the doorway are wearing their frilly dresses for church, but it is so cold that they have donned woolly hats and jumpers. You can just see haunches of beef hanging up behind the window bars.


According to “Rise Up” enterprise, Toss detergent and Golden oil form our shopping heritage. The artwork is good, but on the Shaker’s Bar, it looks as though the artist was paid in beer. Butterflies?


More butcher shops, more great illustrations and gaudy colours.