Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors Leicester

With lock down and tier 3 restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus, I have had little opportunity to photograph doors. But on a shopping trip to the open market in the city I managed to snap a few pictures with my mobile phone.

I am not sure that this door is still in use. I like the shiny, enamelled bricks (reminds me of a gents public toilet). The carved stone coat of arms above the door doesn’t give any information of the provenance of the building. Something to do with St George, I think.
Anyone for tennis? Again, this door doesn’t look like it is in current use.
And across the road it from the previous door is this royal blue door, with some signs of previous knobs and handles. The fanlight is curved glass. But I found it strange for it to be named “Deuce” (two) with Roman numerals III on either side.
This is my favourite door of this series. British sense of humour.
Thursday Doors Venice Zambia

Thursday Doors Best of 2020

These are a half dozen of my favourite doors from 2020, the year of Covid: Zambia to Norfolk to Venice.

The door to our luxurious honeymoon room in South Luangwa
The door of the container which has been adapted to become a prison cell in Mfuwe
Beach huts on the North Norfolk coast, pretty in pink and purple
Jackdaw – Jackdoor in Venice
Door in the backstreets of Venice
The door of San Marco in Venice

Life Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors Autumn

Second dose of my walk around the local park. Another door.

Fir tree with Christmas lights and a PVC door.

Yes, I know. It is a boring suburban door. Let’s have some more plants.

Hoar frost on the dead grass and fallen leaves

Toilets are vital. They were shut in the first days of the pandemic, but now are open.

Social distancing in the toilet is a given, really.
Anaemic sunlight illuminating the mist in the park
Well wrapped up, with woolly hat, shalwar kameez and parka for a constitutional walk around the park
Life Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors Autumn

The days are getting shorter and colder. But every once in a while, dull, grey clouds are banished by the cool winter sunshine bringing bright blue skies. There had been a frost overnight which was melting by the time I started my walk to the local park.

This is a geranium leaf, dusted with frosticles. I just made that word up.

On my way to the park, I passed some doors – the raison d’etre of this site.

Carriage lamps, drainpipe, mock Tudor, garbage bin.

This door might be black and white, but there is plenty of colour in the park.

Another door belongs to a photographer.

Micro Weddings? Only 15 people can attend during the current Covid-19 crisis

A few more pictures from the park.

Frost turned to dew on the grass

More next week.