Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors in snow

Leicester is in the heart of England. We get snow most years, but usually it is a light dusting that often melts away after 24 hours. This week, 15 centimetres (six inches) of white stuff floated down overnight. In the morning, the sky was clear and blue. The sun lit up the scene magically.

Too treacherous for cycling today. With covid restrictions, traffic was light.
I managed to get half the garage doors in the shot, but it wasn’t possible to photograph the side door of the storage space above. There is another door in the bottom right hand side of the photograph, which crept into the picture unbeknown to me
A fine set of iron gates guard the driveway of this brick house.
I wanted to get a bit closer to this house but my footprints in the snow would have betrayed my trespassing. I like the stained glass window above the door.
Grey bin for normal rubbish, green for garden waste. I was drawn to the stone surround of the door and the carriage lamps.
The Baptist Church on London Road looks rather austere.
This is an old Victorian villa which has been transformed into a hotel. Not much business around in the time of covid. Very impressive glass porticos.
Across the road is a billboard advertising South Lodge Care Home. The image is improved by the snow.

I walked the streets with my camera, trying not to appear like a burglar, casing the joint. I have enough pictures to show you for the next two weeks.

By Dr Alfred Prunesquallor

Maverick doctor with 40 years experience, I reduced my NHS commitment in 2013. I am now enjoying being free lance, working where I am needed overseas. Now I am working in the UK helping with the current coronavirus pandemic.

14 replies on “Thursday Doors in snow”

The snow adds a certain beauty to these grand doors. I wouldn’t have guessed that the building was a church. It looks a little too squared off for that, more like a school. I like the Victorian villa and the big iron gates. All the doors are wonderful. I look forward to the rest of your walk.


I think these photo sets of Leicester doors in the snow are my favourites of all your Thursday Doors. Moments in time. There for a few hours or days, changed even by a bit of melting, when all the lines of muck and grime emerge, especially beside main roads. Then it all freezes and part thaws again, ready for another fall of, as you say, light Leicester snow. I enjoyed all three of these snow sets and like to return to them during our short spells of hot weather. Which seem to be getting mire extreme year on year. Climate change? But on a hot July day, these photos act for me like sucking on a welcome ice lolly (popsicle). Lovely photos. Thank you for making the early morning effort so I don’t have to 😊😊😊👍🏼

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