Northumberland Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors Rothbury

Rothbury is a lovely town in Northumberland, just south of the Cheviot Hills. Just outside the town is Cragside, a mansion built by the Armstrong family. It was the first home to be lit by electricity. Unfortunately, covid restrictions meant that you can only visit the house by booking tickets in advance (which we were not able to do). So here are a few examples of doors in the town.

The Old Doctor’s House. The old house of the doctor, or the Old Doctor’s house. As opposed to the Young Doctor’s house?
For sale, anyone interested?
Down by the riverside, River Coquet
This time with the door in focus
Cottages for workers on the Armstrong estate.
West End
Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors Northumberland

We’re on holiday in Northumberland at the moment, so there are more opportunities to capture a few doors. The first photograph is from the window of our bed and breakfast in Berwick upon Tweed, looking out over the parade ground (now a car park) outside the barracks, but in 1721, but the King’s Own Scottish Borders regiment left in 1964 and the barracks is a gallery and museum.

This is the ornate door of a Methodist church in Alnwick

The last two photos are from Holy Island, Lindisfarne. When your boat is no longer seaworthy, drag it from the water and turn it upside down. Add a door and you’ve got a shed. It reminds me of the Dickens novel David Copperfield. The character Peggity used to live in similar accommodation.

The castle on the hill behind the boat sheds was a run until a rich Edwardian bachelor asked architect Lutyens to renovate it. Now it belongs to the National Trust. Unfortunately, one has to book in advance to go inside, because of social distancing and covid restrictions.

More from Northumberland next week.

Life Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors Local

Just a few interesting doors close to home for this week’s entry. They all have leaded lights, a feature of private homes from 1860 to 1930 according to Wikipedia. They look a bit more gothic than Frank Lloyd Wright.

Fine black door with leaded sections of the fanlight and brass trimmings.
An interesting door in maroon, with leaded windows. I like the snake-dragon supports holding up the shelter over the door.
Recessed door painted “duck egg blue”, again with leaded lights.
A black door with leaded lights.