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Thursday Doors in beach huts

Southwold has a fine selection of beach huts on the promenade just above the beach. Decades ago, my wife remembers a family holiday when they rented a hut in Southwold. She recalled the location but not the hut which was occupying it. So here are some huts, plus doors for your delectation.

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Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors Southwold 3

Last set of formal doors from Southwold.

The sea front
Mariners’ Reading Room
Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors Southwold 2

Another round of interesting doors from this Suffolk town.

This is the house where George Orwell lived and wrote
Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors Southwold

Southwold is a pretty seaside town in Suffolk. It received a royal charter from King Henry VII in 1489. This post deals with doors in the town, and a subsequent post(s) shows the colourful doors of the beach huts

Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors in Lodden

Lodden is an ancient town in Southeast Norfolk. The name derives from the Celtic term for “muddy river” and the River Chet. This river drains into the Norfolk Broads. Here are a selection of interesting doors.

Pink House
Green House
Bay Tree House
Library in a church building
Barn conversion
Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors St Michael’s Mount

Two thousand years ago, traders sailed to an island off the coast of Cornwall from the Mediterranean to acquire tin. Then, it was known as Ictis. Following the Norman conquest, the monks of Mont Saint Michel took over the island to train novices at a newly-built priory, and renamed it St Michael’s Mount.

The fortified island can be reached by a causeway at low tide. It was bought after the Civil War by Colonel John St Aubyn, whose descendants still live in the east wing of the castle. In 1954, it was taken over by the National Trust, and partially opened to the public.

View from the castle walls over the bay to Penzance
Door in the castle
The refectory
Pink baize door, with brass studs
Door to the organ in the chapel
Door to the posh seats in the chapel
See how it opens, with massive hinges
Door over door in the chapel
All mod cons, a water tank dated 1784
At the harbour, a pale blue door with a granite step
Rail tracks pass under this blue door. The narrow gauge tracks allowed goods to be brought up from the harbour to the castle.
Door needing some tender loving care
Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors at St Ives

St Ives is a popular surfing resort on the north coast of western Cornwall. Normally, it is packed with tourists, but today the weather was unpleasant, windy, raining and dirty grey clouds scudding across the sky. It was deserted in the late afternoon when I visited.

St Ives has six beaches

But doors remain. Closed, usually.

Ready access to the beach. For sale?
Port hole window gives a nautical feel
Alfred Wallis was a famous “naive” painter. He painted harbour scenes.
Lots of galleries displaying artwork
Artistic view of sandy beach
Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors Kernow

Another selection of doors from the south west of England

The SS Paris is a pub/ restaurant named after a ship which ran aground on rocks nearby
Sandy cove around the headland
Fresh coat of gold paint for Her Majesty’s platinum jubilee on this postbox
The harbour
Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors Coverack

More doors from this picturesque village

Gray stone, lilac door
Pink door, thatched cottage
Bank House
April cottage
Fisherman’s Rest, where Brenda lived until she was 102