Thursday Doors in Church Gate

The recent snow, followed by rainstorms, followed by more snow has made walking in the countryside around Leicester a mudbath.

We walked along the canal, but some towpaths were flooded.

We wandered into Abbey Park – busy with people exercising themselves, their children and their dogs. So we decided to do a stroll in the urban jungle of Church Gate. This runs from Gravel Street to the Clock Tower, meeting the Haymarket and joining Fosse Way. Some buildings are impressive, but most of the street is sadly run down, with boarded up shops and rubbish cluttering the doorways. The old auction rooms have moved to the west of the city, near Leicester Forest East.

Just a few photos to give you the general idea.

Some of the architecture is solid and refined.
I don’t know what happened to TJ’s Burgers, Halal food, dodgy upstairs window, but the iPhone hiccoughed at a crucial moment
Next door to TJs is Onyx, at Granary Mews. This is one of the most salubrious night clubs in the city, sadly closed by Covid restrictions. Only £5 admission and open until 6am (but no further admissions allowed after 4am for some odd reason). It looks a bit like a gaol.
Moving away from Church Gate to St Martin’s, we saw a barbershop. It’s for men’s hair only judging by the red symbol within the logo “Shortys”. And the alluring young lady wearing a tight top and red hot pants, wielding a pair of shears, perched on a barber’s pole. It has patriotic red-white-and-blue spirals, rather than the traditional barber surgeon red and white stripes (blood and bandages). Perhaps she does wet shaves with a cut-throat razor?