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Thursday Doors Shops on Airport Road, Mfuwe

Religion plays a big part in the lives of Zambians. After all, David Livingstone brought Christianity to the area (even if he didn’t convert more than a handful of locals). So it is not surprising to have shops with names referring to the Almighty.

At first, I thought it said, “God is cable phone accessories”. Eli D has some neat artwork advertising what he is selling, but perhaps the kerning could have been better.

There are other Biblical references, such as this Hair Salon (often spelt “Saloon”). I think the three Hebrews refers to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who were cast into the fiery furnace – a bit like sitting under the hair dryer as shown in the illustration on the wall.

And God First Shopping Centre provides worldly goods

I initially thought this was God’s Favourite Shop, complete with handwashing station and a red chhatri, a booth selling Airtel airtime.

But this is my favourite. The Mountain of Salvation Food Cafe.

Aunty Shane is keen on bright colours. She sells anything from television screens to plastic kitchen storage baskets. Ride on by.
Was this something to do with the Three Musketeers, All for One and One for All? Or does it mean they sell everything to everyone?
Soft loans, hard core seems to be issuing from the front door. GRZ=Government of the Republic of Zambia, of course.