Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors Myanmar 3

The final posting of doors from Burma. One from Maha Bodhi Tahtaung:

This is the temple at the site of the tallest Buddha figure in Myanmar – Maha Bodhi Tahtaung. Ladies wait at the door to sell flowers and branches of bushes which can be offered to the Buddha inside the pagoda.

Thanboddhay Paya is a pagoda complex containing over half a million Buddha image. Here are eight images above these blue doors. I particularly like the flowering climber wrapping itself around the columns at the side of the doors.

Thanboddhay Paya again, but no Buddhas in this photo, just guardian tigers. Note the coloured panes of glass in the doors.
Yellow doors at the top of a flight of stairs, at Thanboddhay Paya, near Monywa again.
This is a cave temple, just outside Bagan, called Kyansittha Umin. The door is wood and iron, with plaited strips of metal. I particularly enjoyed the brand of lock used to secure the temple.
The Buddha image in Kyansittha Umin

This temple is way off the beaten track for tourists. As we were on a cycling holiday, this was an easy 16km from our hotel. A monk was reading verses using a PA system which amplified his voice and (for me) detracted from the serenity of the holy site.

The Public Address system was working rather too well.