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Thursday Doors in Himare, Albania

Overlooking the beautiful bay of Himare, there is a lonely, overpriced restaurant. A canvas poster proclaims that it has the best view in Albania.

And a great place to catch the sunset with a glass of something cold and alcoholic in your hand

Behind the Trammonto Bar-Ristorante there was a ruined farmhouse. It had been connected to the electricity supply at one point, so its dilapidation cannot have been more than a decade ago.

I wonder what this secure door once protected?

Higher on the promontory, there was a modern house which did not look as interesting. As it had been built on a slope, there was a door in the roof, reached by a staircase.

I don’t think that concrete breeze blocks will last as long as the ancient stones of the ruined farmhouse.

But there is an older Himare (Himare Fshat), built on a steep, rocky hill above the beach. Old churches, some ruined, some ruined but still being actively used for worship, huddle within the ancient walls of a castle. Houses built into the castle walls are still lived in.

Walking up the cobbled street to get to the Old Himare Castle, shaded by vines
Inside a ruined church, still in active use
The smooth flagstones inside the church
This doesn’t look like the original door
The view inland

Back in the tourist town of Himare, there are some other doors of interest.

And how about a roundabout with an ice cream cornet to end on?