Thursday Doors in snow 2

More photographs of doors in Leicester during the recent snowfall.

Mock tudor, with leaded window panes.
A little less black timber showing, but above the door there is a delightful stained glass window.
Mock tudor houses rule in Stoneygate!
Beautiful door, just ajar, inviting you in. Wonderful fanlight (lunette window above the door). And a coating of snow to set it all off.
Another smart door. These houses are over 100 years old.
This is a beauty, a solid door with glass panes and an elaborate brick and stone surround. I especially like the turret window.
Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors in Rococo Gardens

Painswick House has a delightful garden called the “Rococo Gardens”. Apart from the architecture (late Baroque), it is famous for its drifts of early snowdrops.

Benjamin Hyett designed it as a “fanciful pleasure garden” in the 1740s. This red summer house looks like it is only two-thirds finished, with the right wing yet to be built. The stained glass windows are inscribed with Latin verses from the Bible. The garden is surrounded by beautiful, rolling Cotswold hills.