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Thursday Doors @ Mfuwe

On the road to the airport, there are lots of interesting shops.

This furniture shop is open plan, without doors, unfortunately. Laz-e-Boyze

There is a wedding planner in the village. The service is a one stop shop, all you have to do is to step through that door. Metal security outer doors are needed to protect the variety of goods and services on sale.

I asked who the director of ceremony was and found it was this lady having her hair braided. She said she was a pastor in the Bible Baptist Church. Somehow, I don’t fully believe her.

Director of Ceremony. Note the doorless grass-walled toilet in the background

Of course, all over Africa, the British Premier League is well known. Most people support the big sides, such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal. Occasionally, there will be someone sporting a Leicester City Football Club bobble hat.

But I have never met a Spurs supporter here. Well, I think he is a Spurs supporter by the name of his shop.

Tottengram Hotspur Football Club – spelling mistake?

More shop doors coming next week.