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Thursday Doors @ the shops

More commercial doors in the village where I am living and working in Zambia. Sadly, my favourite shop has ceased trading. It was a bar called “Two Beers” which was the phonetic spelling of the owner’s name, Tobias. Say it out loud in a Zambian accent.

“God gives in different ways”, well when I last bought some fried potato chips here, I was given a nasty dose of food poisoning.
Naturally we should all follow Aunt Bwalya’s advice.
A pleasant greeting, but even though my hair is thinning on top, I am not in the market for a wig just yet. Nor cosmetics. It looks like a bus shelter more than a shop.
The B&B looks snazzy with the zebra skin motif inside the shop. Look how the illustrations have been painted on the inside of the doors, so they show what’s on offer when they are fixed wide open.
Jussie Dreadlocks Salon has security bar doors which allow free air circulation.
People could have a wide variety of choice of hardware on the left, but I like the subtitle of Tiza’s – pa-pa-pa-pa passelo. Very onomatopoeic.
Bit by bit? Surely, bite by bite would be more appropriate. Sausage is so good, they advertised it twice. Interesting that the illustration shows they keep the neck on the chicken when cooking it.
Bars have just been allowed to reopen on relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions. DXT – deep Xray therapy? The Raster Leggie bar is legendary.
Chichetekelo hardware has more variety than People’s Choice.
Rock City looks like a bar, but sells pink ice cream (allegedly)
K & Pear? CNK sounds like “Sink” Phones, not sure it is a winning name.
Let Love lead us where?
Uncle Petty has moved from the shop with a leaky roof across the road. Sadly, the black and white cat on the counter has died since I was last here in 2019.

Another food shop has ceased trading. It was called “God Gives” and attached to the side was their fast food outlet, “God Takeaways”.