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Thursday Doors in Durham

Durham is famous for its magnificent Norman cathedral, sited on a forested loop of the River Wear, next to the castle.

Study bench with a view of the Cathedral

Palace Green, between the castle and cathedral, has lots of wonderful doors. The most famous door on the cathedral has a sanctuary knocker. Unfortunately it was being renovated when I visited, but here is the “dog tooth” zigzag moulding in the door arch. And a poster describing the flaming head knocker. People seeking sanctuary had 37 days to sort out their problems before they faced justice or were banished from the kingdom for ever – transported to the port of Hartlepool to sail to the continent.

Doors on the green:

Durham Coat of Arms and the shield of the Prince Bishops

Around the cloisters, there are more doors of interest. The monks used to do their laundry here and would hang their cassocks on the stone windows. The cloisters were utilised as a location in the Harry Potter films – the quadrangle where Harry magically releases Hedwig the owl from his hands in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, and again in the “Chamber of Secrets” where Harry, Ron and Hermione learn how to turn animals into water goblets.

A modern door

Inside the cathedral, there is a door built into the huge clock.